September 26, 2020

Time: 11pm KST | 7am PST | 10AM EST

Lee Seong-Hwa, known as Gray, is a South Korean singer, rapper and record producer. This multi-faceted artist was one of the first artist to sign-up and debut under hip-hop mogul Jay-Park's powerhouse label AOMG in 2013. He notably received moderate amount of success on his four- track EP titled "Call Me Gray", but Gray rose to fame being the main producer of AOMG and the force behind some of the label artists' most iconic tracks. Gray is now one of the biggest name in Korean hip-hop, becoming one of the most sought-after record producer in South Korea. With each artist collaboration and each track release, Gray strives to create and perform quality music, showcasing his distinct style and sound that proves why he has achieved numerous achievements and accolades in his artistry.